Approximately two weeks ago, I did something I’ve never done and asked for money for a little senior Chihuahua named Mason.  He and his mouthful of rotten teeth were about to be dumped at the shelter.  We all know how that scenario would have ended. 

A Second Chance Rescue, a group that normally takes in pregnant or nursing moms from high kill shelters, stepped up and took in the little man.   I posted my plea on Facebook, asking for any amount towards the astronomical bill of $1,000 and within 4 hours, you all helped me raise $800….within 7 hours, we had raised $1,200…by the next  day we raised $2,500….let that sink in…$2,500 for a tiny senior puppy that you’d never even seen in person. 

To say that I am humbled, grateful and blown away by all of you, is an understatement.  You donated, shared, skipped your lattes, Tito’s, Chardonnays and gave a little piece of yourselves.  A handful of people doing small things adds up to greatness.  I have a T -Shirt that says, “DOGS: BECAUSE HUMANS SUCK.”  I stand corrected, every last one of you has restored my faith in the human race.  To say “thank you” is also an understatement of how I feel.

Last Thursday Mason had his dental surgery.  He had 19 teeth pulled (how can a mouth so tiny even have that many teeth to begin with?), his gums were cleaned and he underwent an extensive round of antibiotics.  And do you know what?  You would never even know it.  He steals the enormous bones that his foster brothers have and gums them.  He marches around the house as if he belongs there and guess what?  He does.  His foster mom is going to make it official and adopt him this Saturday.

The extra money is going towards saving two hospitalized puppies with Parvo, as well as a dog who was returned to the rescue in very bad shape.  In a sense, Mason, the dog that needed saving, ended up saving three others. 

I’ve tried to respond to every share and donation with a REPLY.  If I’ve missed anyone, please know that it was totally unintentional.  Thank you.  I have only one last favor to ask of everyone:  the next time you want to get an animal, please remember Mason and consider rescuing someone.  That little man is proof that when you try to save one life, it has a domino effect and you save so many more…. and what could be better than that?


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