Good morning. Yesterday we were heading north on I 40 and when I looked to the right, I saw a brown and white Pitt mix hanging her head underneath the guard rail. My first thought was, “what a dejected looking dog.”

My husband managed to pull over from the left lane (doing 70) about a half a mile later. I grabbed the leash, some treats and my cell and started running back along the guard rail.

When I finally reached the dog, I slowed down, jumped the guard rail to the grassy side and offered her some cookies. She was leery of me, but slowly made her way over. Out of nowhere, another Pit popped up, a larger white male with black freckles, a happy boy. He gently took the cookie from my hand and demanded another. I fed him, looped him and worked the girl over to the leash. I snapped her onto the opposite end of the leash, fed them more cookies and began the long walk back to the truck.

We loaded the skinny, dirty dogs into the back of the truck. The ticks in her ears were the size of quarters.

And they had fleas. We fed them and gave them water. They were exhausted, relieved and obviously bonded. The female must have had puppies recently. I named her Tallulah. The male just looked like a Wally, goofy, social and trusting.

They settled into the back of the truck and the phone calls to my team of rescue peeps began. The dogs had worn- out dirty collars. Neither one was fixed. Neither one was micro chipped. Both were friendly and grateful. They had been someone’s pets at some point, but it was obvious from the condition they were in, it had been a long time since they knew the comfort and safety of a home. None of the local shelters had them listed as lost.

We managed to find a no kill shelter that happily took them in. The Young-Williams Animal Shelter in Knoxville is LIGHTS OUT AMAZING!

Before you post about how stupid it was to run along a dangerous interstate to save two strange dogs, spare me. I get it. I’d do it again and again and yet again.


Update on Tallulah and Wally: they are being kept in separate but adjacent kennels in order to ensure that they both get enough food and water. They are sleeping in their kennels with blankets and the full attention of staff. No one has stepped forward to claim them yet….They will be examined by a vet in two days ( legally the shelter can’t do anything until 3 full days are up- unless they need to save their lives). Wally has me worried bc he has a bad cough (heart worm?) and Tallulah probably needs post pardem nutrition. Will keep all you animal lovers updated. Thank you for your kind words and support. Your love for them and for helping them was an unexpected yet much appreciated surprise. I know all of you who’ve responded would have done the same. My intention was for everyone to spread the word on Spay, Neuter, Adopt and please don’t abandon. Pls show your love for them by spreading the word. We can do so much better! THANK YOU ANIMAL POSSE!

Update on the highway puppies:

After dropping them off at the amazing shelter Young-Williams, in less than 10 days both Tallulah and Wally were adopted! WOOHOO! Happy endings in animal rescue should be celebrated. I’m doing the happy dance like crazy.

Also: pls spay/neuter/ vaccinate your animals. Pls adopt/ foster/rescue. Many times the most amazing companion is waiting for you at a shelter- through no fault of their own. Pls try and think of that next time you’re looking for a 4 legged friend.  That dog could be the love of your life.

Thanks for all the kind words and support. Thanks to YWR and thanks to Louie, Jill, Tiffany and Ellen. GIANT WOOF!🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾❤️❤️❤️

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