Sometimes the universe aligns itself to save a soul, and that’s just the case with sweet little Mason.  I’m going to be upfront and ask outright, Mason needs money to fix his godawful teeth.  Here is his story.  Please consider helping.

My client Tina and her boyfriend were having dinner a few nights ago and they struck up a conversation with the couple at the table to their right.  The couple had “inherited” a senior chihuahua named Mason from her parents and they didn’t want him.  They were planning on taking him to the shelter the next day.

Tina begged them to give her at least a day to try and find Mason a home.  SAD FACT #1: shelters are overrun with chihuahuas and pit bulls.  Both breeds are misunderstood and often times are impulse buys.  As a result, when reality sets in, that very loyal little dog with the big ears and the very muscular, fierce-looking dog end up being dumped.  SAD FACT #2: An owner surrender gets euthanized within three days.  As a senior chihuahua and an owner surrender, Mason didn’t stand a chance.  

As luck would have it, Tina was taking a tennis clinic with me the following morning.  She told me about Mason. I got on the phone with Ruth at A Second Chance Rescue and within 24 hours, we had Mason.  

I’m not going to judge (hard not to).  I’m not going to dwell on the fact that Mason was curled up in a cage with an old pillow, no leash, no toy or food/water dish, waiting for me at the front door.  On the ride to Ruth’s house, he quietly crawled out of his crate, into my lap and fell asleep.  Ruth had him vetted and his records indicate that his little mouth is in dire need of extensive dental work due to severe dental disease.  The bill will be about $1,000.  Ugh.

Mason has a super chill personality.  He is gentle, quiet and just happy to be.  He will make someone a great companion, as long as that special someone doesn’t expect to run marathons or do agility courses with Mason!  He deserves a second chance.  

I can hear it now, why spend that kind of money on a senior dog?  Please, if you feel that way, scroll away from this post, no worries.  But if you agree that a Chi has the life expectancy of about 17 years and that any living creature deserves to go through life with a healthy mouth, then skip your Grande Caramel Macchiato with a double shot of Espresso today and donate the $8 to Mason.  If you agree that every life matters and shouldn’t be terminated because of fixable health issues, then skip that Coffee flavored Dunkinchino with extra whip and donate the $6 to Mason.  If you’re like me and you believe that every life matters and that we all have the ability to make a small difference, then instead of getting that second Tito’s with cranberry on the rocks with a twist of lime, donate the $10 to Mason.  If all my FB friends considered making a small donation, it would not only help Mason, but it would help others in the rescue as well, as there would be more money available to them.  

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t ever ask for money for my passion of rescuing dogs.  I can’t say that I won’t ever ask again, but I can say that I love each one of you who will donate and would absolutely do the same for you.  

A giant thank you from me, Tina, Ruth, A Second Chance, the puppies and of course, Mason.  

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